Advantages of non-bank loans

No one is immune from unexpected monetary expenses. Poor health, broken electronic devices, damaged clothes – these and many other situations require financial expenses. There is a need to quickly find money somewhere. But not everyone has a relative or friend who is ready to share the necessary amount just like that. In this case, financial organizations that provide the "microcredit" service will become good helpers.

The services of financial organizations are popular among representatives of different segments of the population. These organizations are available in every city almost all over the planet, including Finland. There are corresponding online platforms on the Internet. The main reason for their demand is the issuance of the required amount immediately after the customer applied. This is a great option when there is no time to wait for approval from the bank.

As a rule, non-bank credit companies do not borrow such large amounts that they usually apply to the bank for. According to statistics, the average amount of consumer credit in Finland is no more than 3,000 Euros; but in the case of microloans, the figure is much smaller – only 300 Euros. This is primarily due to the fact that citizens apply for money for different purposes. The bank's help is required when it is necessary to buy expensive equipment, make repairs in the house, and go on vacation. And a microcredit is taken when one needs to urgently solve an unexpected problem (delayed salary, lost phone, etc.).

Micro-loans have many advantages over a loan taken from a bank.

1. Money at any time
It is possible to apply for the required amount at any time: even during the day, even at night. The funds will be transferred to a bank account or to a card.

2. Minimum of documents
To apply for a loan, no more documents are required, only a citizen passport of Finland. At the same time, it is not necessary to visit any office.

3. Quick registration
Since many documents are not required, the registration process is very fast. It usually takes about 10 minutes to review the application. It lasts only in rare cases.

4. High probability of approval
The smaller the amount, the more likely it is that the application will be approved. According to statistics, only about 1% of users applying for a microcredit are refused.

5. Availability
Almost anyone can take money online, regardless of where they work, what salary they receive, what their credit history is, etc.